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That’s the name of the company that just came out with this pretty good looking mid sized sedan.
A Chinese company!

Not the one we’re getting in the US in the next couple of years, that one is “Chery”.
But if that’s any indication of what to expect, the future looks bright!

This looks as good as anything in the business. And for a lot cheaper.
I think Hyundai and Kia has to been watching this VERY closely.
This car is already better looking than the new (yet to be on sale) Sonata!!!

Seems like the Chinese sense of design is much more modern that the Korean’s. It took these guys a long, long time to get out of that over chromed look they like so much.
And the Chinese seem much more influenced by more modern European designs.

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  1. The front of the Brilliance is a obvious rip off of BMW’s 3-series/5-series Bangle designs, and the rear quarter looks a lot like an Infiniti Q.

    Not impressed.

  2. actually the 3 series is a rip off of the audi grill,and for a desighn has recieved much criticism alot of concept and production cars have grills just like it. but anyway i think as a mid priced mid sized sedan it is nice looking, modern,with an upscale look, that isnt to bland, to traditional, or cheap looking.

  3. and its built by communist chinese being paid slave wages and shot if they disobey the state! Whats not to like??

  4. Audi grille? Not quite. The twin kidney grilles, eyebrows over headlights, and hood crease that forms the grille area are pure BMW.

    I think I see your point slightly, but only in that Audi and BMW’s dedicate such a large portion to their front ends to grille area incorporating the license plate into that trapazoidal space.

    The entire Billiance front end design is a Bangle rip off.

  5. when i first saw it, i thought it was a new bmw of some sort… until i read what you wrote. nice looking rip off though

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