Dodge Caliber Interior

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Well, the interior looks pretty much like what it is: a much cheaper version of the Magnum…
And the Magnum interior is not great to start with . Materials in the Caliber look similar too, as well as the color combos.
Too bad they still think American car interiors from the 70’s are such a great inspiration.
That thing looks really close to production…

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  2. ok, so the interior isnt that great. but what are you thinking comparing it to an american car from the 70’s? my family owns three dodge cars from the early 70’s, and the two interiors look NOTHING alike. you really should stop comparing cars to older cars. this and your comparison of the same interior in an earlier post to an ’89 LeBaron, those are some of the worst comparisons i have ever heard.
    also remember this: this is a pre-pro, soon to be fast-feedback car. they won’t be putting good materials in it until there are a lot of sales, so they dont waste money.
    this is an economy car, designed for the average teen just out of college. this is not a 40 thousand dollar car.
    have a nice day, and get some better pictures to compare to

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  4. Not sure where you got the pic but the color scheme looks nothing like the one I test drove. The steering wheel color matched that of the plastics on the dashboard/doors and the center-stack/shifter-panel colors matched the seat upholstery. Either silver/grey, or color-keyed to match the optional red, blue, orange or yellow seat-inserts.

    It certainly doesn’t hold a candle to more expensive cars but it’s more than appropriate for the price.

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