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This is an all new small wagon based on the Honda Fit/Jazz, (depending on where you live…)
It looks kind of nice and modern from the front, but things get pretty old when viewed from the side.
It has a wierd early 80’s feel to it…

It’s a good idea anyway. A giant glass roof with 5 seats and a huge trunk area.

The fit isn’t sold in the US.. Yet! But that should change next year. So maybe there’s a very slim chance to see this, of variation of it, sometimes.
But remember, it’s not big, and uses the same 1.5 Liter engine as the Jazz. It is more like a tamed Scion.

I hate to say this about a Honda, but the interior looks like “cheap hard plastic city” to me.
That thing must be really cheap .Or it should be…

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  1. It must be a lot smaller than it looks, if runs on 1.5 liters. These photos make it look like the size of the first Honda Odyssey and like that vehicle, it looks like it ought to be capable of having a third row seat.

    I assume there is a C-pillar extending up from that rise in the body behind the rear door that you can’t see due to trick lighting. The side does have a late 80s look about it.

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