Jeep Commander interior

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First. The previous photo is real.
The Commander will be introduced next week at the New York auto show.
And this interior is not much better than the horrific exterior.
I guess “macho” is now an excuse for cheap, hard palstics and backward designs.

This should go down in history as one of the worst design ever produced…

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  1. I don’t know… A lot of people said the same thing about the 300c. I have a feeling that the quality of the pictures makes it look a lot worse than it really is. On the actual spyshots it seems a little less slab-sided and i think that you can see the strip on the side is chrome. This car could have some success because it may be sylish in reminding people of those station wagons from way back when. Jeep has definetly been after recreating hummers success by incorporating that kind of design into its new suvs.

  2. This is horrible looking, inside and out, I don’t think better quality pictures will help this car.

    If it is successful, I’ll eat my socks.

  3. Now I’m really miffed! This looks like the real deal after all. Uugggh. perhaps DCX knows something we don’t. After all look at the 300c? I didn’t really think it was that bad b’cause it reminded me of a cross between a rolls and bentley but I never thought that it would be the run-a-way success that it is today.

    Ok maybe we don’t know anything about cars or how to design them but I’m not conivnced that there are enough people out there who interested in buying “ugly” just because it’s so different. Can there be?

  4. Looks like a cross between an old Mitsubishi Montero and a Mercedes G-Wagen. For those who like their trucks plain…

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