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The coolest model in the Smart line up is the Roadster/Convertible.
The roadster is a hatchback.
They are available with the same small 3 cylinder turbo engines. Or, at least in Europe, a V6!!!
Which must turn that thing into a beast.
But that’s not really the point.
I sat in one a couple of years ago, and it does feel like a sports car. It is a very low sitting position. Quite the oposite of
the Fortwo…
That would be a great alternative to the new Miata!

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  1. It will probably be a slug, though. And an expensive slug at that, with currency rates between the Euro and the dollar what they are.

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  3. It isn’t a slug, it’s about power to weight ratios. Seeing as it weight next to nothing, 700cc is a lot. Think of motorbikes, it doesn’t weight much more.

    There’s no V6 in europe, those were prototypes built by Smart at the cost of £75K each. You can’t buy one.

    The top of the range is the Brabus.

    These cars do not need to brake for bends, it leaves almost everything (besides an equally light weight and more powerful Lotus) standing on the bendy roads.

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