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Nothing “all new” really. The Croma is already out in some countries.

But it seems to look much nicer on the street than in the press photos.
Engines are 1.8 and 2.2 Liter. And a new 2.4 Liter diesel.

But the prices!!!! The 2.2 goes for around $27000 Euros.
And the 2.4 Liter can top $40000 Euros. That’s around $50 000!!!!

That puts it in Audi prices. What are these guys thinking???

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  1. Wrong prices…

    Right info


  2. That link, as posted , doesn’t seem to work.
    I got the price info from a source in Holland.
    Maybe prices vary from country to country…

  3. Don’t think it really matters, Fiat won’t sell a single one of them. Italian civil servants drive alfas, lancias or if theyr lucky Maseratis. Fiat can’t even sell cars the size of the Ford Focus anymore, the Stilo has been an utter flop.

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