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Korean SUV maker Ssang Yong is coming out with a new Musso model for 2006. This pic is the Korean market model “Kyron”.
It should be on sale in Europe by November and seats 7.

They have never sold a car in the US, so far.
They used to belong to Daewoo a few years ago. And Daewoo had plans to import them over here. But these plans were killed when GM bought them.
They still sell a whole line of SUVs in Europe, most of them with Mercedes engines!

This is the old version of the Musso. As you can see, it was about time for a new one.

This concept was shown a few weeks ago in Korea and is supposed to be the new Rexton model.
The Rexton has been pretty popular in some European countries for a while…

This is the current Rexton, designed in Italy.

This other concept is either an all new car for Ssang Yong, or a replacement for the aging Korando.

The old Korando was the 1s Ssang Yong (rebadged Daewoo) we were supposed to get here a few years ago.

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  1. The Koreans are very smart and industrious. If Hyundai’s U.S. built Sonata is a trouble-free, favorably priced car, the positive image of Korea will help other Korean cars sell here, too.

    Might even help GM and it’s Chevy-branded Daewoos.

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