2006 Ford Fusion price

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The all new Fusion will start at $17 995 in the US.

That is a great price for a really good looking car!
It is based on the Mazda6. And even uses the same engines.
I drove a 6 for a few days last month (more on that later) and I loved it.
The 2.3 Liter was smooth and quiet, and had enough power for everyday use.
It was really a nice drive.

I can’t wait for the new Ford. At this price, it is better than the new Sonata from Hyundai.
You can even get a 5 speed automatic with the small engine on the Ford (not the Hyundai).
And the interior is light years ahead of the Korean car…

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  1. I like the looks and interior shots of the new upcoming Fusion. However to say that the interior is “light years ahead” of the new Sonata is a stretch.
    The interior of the ford doesn’t break any new ground. However style wise it may find its target market. I haven’t seen enough of the interior but I’d like to see a light interior compared to the current interior that makes it look too dark or is it dismal.

    On another note,having test driven the new ’06 Sonata I can tell you that though the interior of Sonata is somewhat bland the driving dynamics are top notch as well as handling and can run with cars in its class (camry and accord, domestics like malibu, etc.). Ford is the one who has to prove that they can run with the dogs -last I heard they’re still rated junk bond status-so for their sake Fusion better hit the right mark!


  2. I am sure the Sonata drives very nice. Like almost everything in that segment.
    But the interior is such a let down for me. The 1992 Camry had a much more modern interior.
    The outside almost looks like an Audi, but once you step inside, you are in a 1980’s Asian car.
    And that is where you spend your time.
    Compare to the Accord, Altima and even Fusion, it is way behind.
    And it is even worse next to European models. I think this car will actually do good in the US, but should be a total flop in Europe, where it looks completely outdated for the market.

  3. 1980’s Asian interior? Have you guys even SEEN the new Sonata in person? I’ve driven a fully loaded V6 and have seen my share of new generation Fords. The fords all use this new thin cheap plastic squared paneling. It’s ridiculous. The Sonata is pursuing the more comfort oriented members of its class such as the Camry and the Accord, thus the interior is designed as such. Everything is laid out well. Though the Fusion’s interior does look modern and ergonomic, not to mention with attention to detail, I believe the Sonata to be the better value. The fully loaded model is in the $24-25k. Oh and the very best part…the newly released 3.3L Lambda V6 with which the Sonata has been befitted will walk all over the archaic 3.0L Duratec V6 Fusion all day long. 235 hp/227 tq vs. 221 hp/205tq. And the Sonata gets better mileage. Go figure.

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