2006 Saturn Vue

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Am I the only one thinking this is an aberation???
The new front end (above), to me, ruins the whole design. This was one of the more attractive car based SUVs. More chrome isn’t the answer to everything.
They keep changing what doesn’t need to be changed.

Remember the Pontiac Fiero? Complains about the car were many: weak engine, poor finish, engine fires etc…But a good looking car.
Their answer: they redesigned the exterior!
They keep making the same mistakes over and over.

Who ever is responsible for this should get a design job at Sears…

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  1. I don’t think it’s all that ugly. At least the VUE’s front is consistent with the ION’s redesigned front end which is an improvement–the rest of the ION is still a mess, IMO.

    Saturn must decide what it wants to be and for whom. The attempt to appeal to children was a mistake–maybe Saturn will just become the new Oldsmobile with a different name.

  2. I think the “FUGLY” is the main theme in the GM now a days. No wonder GM and other American makers are loosing market share so fast.

  3. I think this should be the front end to the Relay. It seems like it would fit better on a minivan. And that whole line of horrible minivans from GM. What happened there? Saturn is still to obsessed with creating an image. The latest one created by the Aura should hopefully change things.

  4. i think it looks fine, its a saturn vue( lets be serious it wasnt that nice looking in the first place, and it looked cheap) but its add a bit of an upscale tone to it in preparation for the aura and sky.

  5. I think it was a pretty good design. Right, it was super cheap inside, and they seem to have fixed that.
    But that front end doesn’t even fir teh new saturn front they are using in the Sky and Aura…

    And I don’t think GM’s main theme is Fugly.
    I like some of their new stuff. This is just a throw back to the old thinking.

  6. GM is a mess. Another example is their new minivans. From the A-Pillar to the end, it’s the same f**ing minivan they’ve been having for years… But hey, it kinda looks like an SUV right?

    Buying a GM is like accepting to be taken for a fool. Everybody know they try to sell you the cheap stuff while making you think it’s great and new.

    The biggest joke is that they need to buy engines from Honda to be competitive…

  7. I think it would be a mistake to dismiss the largest car maker in the world.
    They have made stupid moves, and lots of them. But they do have the resources and the talents to turn around.
    I was impressed by some cars at the auto show this year. I think the G6 and the HHR are more than decent cars.
    Their problem is that lousy image they have.
    Most people are OK with buying a Toyota or Honda. The worst response you get is that you bought a boring car.
    But if you mention you just got a Pontiac, or Buick. Most people (at least over here) would wonder why?
    That will take many years to improve.

  8. I’m the anonymous of the previous message…

    I just bought a G6 GT a couple months ago. I agree that they are able to do great products. But they should start being honest with their customers and sell products they should be proud to market. I would hate being an engineer at GM and see all my great ideas turned down by some executive that wants to continue selling an old van by making it look like an SUV. That to me is taking people for fools. The only reason I bought a G6 GT is because it was costing me the same monthly payments as an $18000 car from any other company. That said, I’m persuaded I will be very happy to own this car… if the old pushrod V6, even though giving me decent performance, doesn’t die too early…

  9. gm doesnt have the best products out their but they are certainly competive, i wouldnt dismiss them as decieving customers, unless u go to a dealership blindfolded,and simply walk in and sighn up for anything i cant see how u can be decieved on such a long irritating process of buying a car…..and if u really have a g6 and spent so much money, it would be an educated decision to buy a car, u think will die in a couple years….right?

  10. They fix one thing, the cheap interior , and then break something that worked, the front clip.

    Maybe if they lengthened the grill a bit, it would work better. The bumper looks pretty good IMO. It’s that grill that screws it all up.

  11. Gosh VInce…
    You sure have TONS of imaginations but stop photshoping shit…
    U must be a low life idiot!

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