2006 jaguar Xk interior

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A great car for sure. Maybe the best Jaguar ever.
But like the exterior, the interior isn’t that special anymore.
At least, the production model (above) adds wood to the concept interior (below).
Jags do need wood…

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  1. Vince,

    I believe the redesigned XK is a 2007 model, not 2006.

    Per Jaguar’s website, the 2006 models are already out, and are not much different than 2005.

    Thanks for the info on what is one of the most anticipated re-designs of the decade!


  2. You are probably right.
    But I think in Europe it might still be a 2006.
    I think over there, they do have to wait till the year actually ends to name their cars. Or something like that…

  3. Gosh Vince, I’m really disappointed by the interior actually. I don’t think (perhaps except BMW) I’ve seen such a backwards-engineer from a previous model.

    It looks far more dated than the current design. Maybe it’s the angle of the photo but that wood seems to have lost all sense of quality.

    What do you reckon?

  4. You’re right.
    But keep in mind this is a picture from a prototype. So all the details aren’t there. And the wood might turn out to be another color.
    But in general, the look is very uninspired. Seems like Lexus is doing great at mixing wood and metal. Like on the console of the new IS.
    I think Jaguar should be the best.

  5. I think the basic problem is not necessarily in the use of materials, which I’m sure will be fine. It’s the design – it wouldn’t be out of place in a $25,000 Honda Accord. In a Jaguar, I’m looking for passion, tradition, “Britishness” – not merely sensible ergonomics.

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