2006 Scion Xa

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Just a few little changes in the front, and the rear lights also.
Nothing that was actually needed, really…
The red car is the 2006, the other one is a 2005.

But the coolest thing is the addition of both an iPod plug, and a power outlet for it as well!
And they also put radio controls to the steering wheels!

That has to make this (around) $12 000 car the best deal in its price range in the US.
I drove one last year and was surprised how solid it felt. And pretty quiet as long as you don’t try to push it.
And really roomy.
I just wish Scion in general could offer more than black as interior color.

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  1. I was quite surprised by the xA as well. That little engine pulls strongly if you keep the revs up, but it gets annoying running at a constant boil. It would be awesome with a diesel, some luxury options, and a real instrument cluster instead of that center speedo.

  2. I think the center is awesome. I’ve been driving an xA for about a year now, and I love the car. I got used to the center cluster in about a week.

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