2006 Toyota RAV4

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It doesn’t look as good as it did on the previous picture I posted a couple of days ago. Wide angle lens do miracles for boring designs.
And the interior seems as plasticky as the current one.
Looks like “all new” doesn’t mean “much better”…

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  1. It looks like the new Highlander! If the Rav gets much bigger…then the Highlander must get bigger. I hate how automakers don’t leave compacts as compacts. Civic, Golf, Protege, et al. This Rav will have a more powerful and larger V6 than it’s older brother the Highlander, so what gives?

  2. The Mazda3 is also “entry level”. So is the 2006 Civic, and even a PT Cruiser.
    But all of these cars have a less plasticky interior than the Toyota. And with options (like the new V6), the RAV4 will be pretty pricey. And you’ll get the same hard plastics inside even if you load it up with leather, V6 etc…
    It doesn’t have to be a Rolls to be nice. A Bentley will do fine.

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