2006 Kia Optima

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When people describe the Camry or the Accord as boring. They should take a look at this one.
The redesigned mid sized sedan from Kia. It is , to me, the most generic design I have seen in many years. It has a bit of everything else.
And the front end is a shameless copy of the Infiniti Q45. Which doesn’t seem to fit on that Sonata frame the car is based on.
I am not saying it is a bad car. I actually like the interior better than the Sonata, just a bit.

Between the 2, isn’t Kia supposed to be the “sporty one” anyway? This makes the Sonata look like a race car.

But this is 2005 for crying out loud…

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  1. The Kia Optima(Magentis in Canada and Europe) is starting to look more and more like a European GM or Ford design. The side and the rear look alot like something Opel or Saturn would design. On the front Vince was right it looks a little like the Infiniti Q45. The interior of this car looks airy like the 2006 Kia Rio or the 2007 Hyundai Accent with some upgrades. I was unbelieved when I saw the exterior of the Optima(Magentis in Canada and Europe). I think Kia should’ve been designing the Optima more like the Sonata not more like an GM design.

  2. i like it, i dont think it is dated at all, and the new camry isnt ms monroe next to this thing, it still just bland boring from what ive seen, this is at least a huge improvement, this car is handsome, if not conservative, but the front end gives it a nice look, the camry, still looks like a big boring sedan from inception to future…..

  3. that car doesn’t look bad at all…so what if its bland…its better than almost any other car for the price

  4. Well… I still think it is dated. and that the all new 2007 Camry will look futuristic next to it.
    But that doesn’t mean it is a bad car.
    there is a market for it, and I’m sure the quality is there.
    I will try to post more pictures later…

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