2007 Toyota Yaris

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The Yaris is basically the new Echo. It just adopts the name it always had in some other markets.
At least it’s a hatchback. And a 4 door should come up soon.

And I am not sure why they call it a 2007. I guess it must be going on sale after February or March of next year…
The interior looks really modern, but really, really cheap as well. The FJ is also a 2007, so is the new Camry.

That’s what you get if you want a Toyota for the price of a Korean car.

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  1. The 2007 Toyota Yaris looks quite cheeky on the exterior but the interior looks like it was adopted from the Scion tc with some changes. I have no idea why Toyota still made the gauges in the middle. And far as I know from the picture there isn’t a tachometer. The steering wheel looks like it just came out of the Echo.

  2. The center-mounted instrument panel has a cost saving reason- the car can more easily be converted to right or left hand drive. The outside reminds me of the VW Beetle minus the fender flares.

  3. i would have to disagree, at the price point, it looks nice, not cheap, not any cheaper than th scion tc, but with a more modern desighn, in comparison with koreans including the chevy aveo, this car is miles ahead, in interior quality and desighn

  4. i think i know why toyota changed the front lights on the prius. just look at the front lights of the yaris! the same ones used on the 2004 model (or almost exactly alike).

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