The truth about the “small Cadillac”

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At first, I thought GM had done a pretty nice job, designing a new interior for the new Cadillac based on the Saab 9.3.
But look at this! Besides the obvious trim differences, only the top part of the dash seems new! Even the steering wheel and the shifter are the same!
Who is going to get this car over a Saab in Europe?
You could maybe fool some people in the US, where most of them have never actually been in a Saab. But in Europe??!
The Cadillac brand is virtually unnown, so resale value will be crap for at least a few years. And GM will probably not sale enough of these to keep going, so they’ll most likely dump soon anyway…

Smells like another expensive flop for GM.

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  1. I like the looks of the BLS, though not the name. If GM were to bring it over here at a price of under $30,000 it might even do well, a good competitor for the upcoming Lincoln Zephyr. Of course in Europe, the Saab has better name recognition, but over here Cadillac is more recognized.

  2. Actually Cadillac is known by many Europeans as large boat-like vehicles that take up the entire width of a standard roadway in many older cities. The main thing Cadillac has going for this is the exterior styling. It offers something bold for a market full of derivative styling. I think it sell well especially if Cadillac advertises it right.

  3. “It offers something bold for a market full of derivative styling”

    Citroen C4
    BMW 5 Series + all modern bmws except new 3
    Peugeot 1007
    Renault Megane
    Peugeot 407
    Vauxhall Astra Sporthatch
    Citroen C6

    nuff said

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