What should have been the small Nissan

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Well, the Cube, of course.
That would have been great. A true original. Inexpensive and roomy.
There were many rumors about the next generation coming to the US.
I guess not…

Hey! even the new Note would have been more modern than the Versa.
Too bad…

Seems like lots of people reading this site don’t like the Versa. I must say I like the idea more than the car.
And the sedan is just horrific. Korean car makers don’t even dare offering that kind of backward design in the US anymore.

That model is in trouble once the first Chinese car appears over here…

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  1. When you get a Murano, really drunk and it screws an Echo. You get a Versa.

    What a screw up on Nissan’s part. This is SUPPOSSED to help capture the youth market? What kid would be caught dead in that thing.

    I’ve never said this about any car maker, but I wish failure upon Nissan for this brain fart.

  2. You’ve got a great blob, Vince. And I’ve got a great blog, too! You can check it out at…

    j/k (you sure do get a lot of spam! =)

    I wish we were getting the Note instead of the ugly Versa. Is there a petition we could sign somewhere?

  3. The nissan Versa looks like a bad cross between the Renault Megane and Nissan Quest. I hope nobody buys this car. Teach Nissan a lesson. I agree that the Note or even the Cube would be better alternatives for the emerging supermini market. Ideally I want to see Nissan re badge the Megane and bring it to the US unchanged. It would blow the competition out of the water.

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