The DS turns 50!

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It was actually last week. The Citroen DS was unveiled on October 6th 1955.
A car that was more modern that anything on the road at the time. It was almost decades ahead of the competition.
It became a legend in its own time.
The last DS came out on April 24th 1975. Almost 20 years.

Here are some promotional pics on the “old days”:

Gina Lollobrigida was declared the car’s Godmother. What a perfect choice.

The Italian connection doesn’t stop there. The genius designer was also Italian, Leonardo Bertoni. Pictured here with an early model.

Last week, Paris was “invaded” by thousands of DSs of all model years.

Fifty years after it came out, it still looks great! (actually much better than Gina Lollobrigida…)

P.S: I am sorry about that last comment…

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  1. Gina Lollobrigida and the DS both have luscious curves.

    Vince, you occasionally misspell words but you nailed “Gina Lollobrigida”! Kudos!

  2. I drove a DS once. Its owner had to teach me how to drive it. The transmission control operates in a completly unique fashion, the brake “pedal” is actually half a rubber ball sticking out of the floor board and the seats felt like they were lifted from some Gentlemen’s lounge. I’ve never had a more unique driving experience. It makes me wonder if anyone in the US ever valet parked their DS.

    I also recalled some made-for-TV Sci-fi movie in the 70s about a Mars mission set slightly in the future. In just one scene, they showed a character emerging out of a car from this future. It was a DS! The design was around 20 years old by that time.

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