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These are not pictures of the Maxima, but the Nissan Teana, the Japanese equivalent of the US Maxima.

From new spy shots of the revised 2007 Maxima, we can tell Nissan is making it look more like the Teana. They will redesign the front end (looking more like the Teana), the rear lights/bumper, and give it an “all new interior”.
It seems they want to step away from the sport sedan, and get closer to actual luxury and compete head on with the Avalon and Azera.

I think it is a good move. After a week long drive, I can tell you the current model is anything but a sport sedan. It is a fast car. But the Nintendo steering and loose feel in the front end aren’t cutting it. And it doesn’t have that solid feel cars like the Acura TL have.

About the “all new interior”…
They should just put the Teana interior (pictured here) in the Maxima. It looks fantastic, and luxurious. More than a match for the Avalon and Azera.

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  1. ill have to agree with you on this one this interior is a lot nicer than the current model, and on the part about its sportiness. This interior will give the same upper brand quality that avalon has ” alexus feel.” while this car could very well pass for an infiniti, i say smart move. or even just bringing the teana over as a maxima, since it looks more expensive and luxurious already

  2. If they used the exterior of this car on the Maxima, Ford would sue the crap out of them… That car bares a striking resemblance to the Ford Five Hundred.

    A Nissan Five Hundred? Just like the Ford Five Hundred, it will be a decent car, with a nicer than expected interior, but NO ONE WILL NOTICE IT.

    All of these automakers with financial problems…Wanna know why? THEY HAVE NO CATCH.

    Honda has the inherent assertion by everyone in the world (joking) that their cars will always be the best–even when they aren’t.

    Toyota…quality, value
    Hyundai…quality, value value
    Nissan…SPORT?? but they’re not that sporty

    Cadillac = bling… but what does the rest of GM have? They try, but no one catches on.

    Nissan needs the next Maxima to be a lot sportier, or why bother? I say have a revised 350Z front and rear end on the current sheet metal with the Teana’s interior while throwing in a scaled down version of the 4.5L VQ engine in the Q45. Call it the Nissan Maxima 4.0 S and people will buy it…you know, that S in the name makes it that much sportier..ha

  3. uhm, ill have to disagree first the teana looks nothing like a ford in anyway. second the five hundred looks like a big passat, or an old audi, so who is unoriginal, next cadillacs represent bling to who? cts, sts, srx, dts, which one. oh the escalade i guess, but so does any other full size suv. the only brand to me that is pointless with gm is gmc, maybe pontiac, but each brand has its point. not sure why people just bash american brand just because they are american

  4. Sorry, but the front end of the Maxima/Teana does look like the Ford 500, or more so, the Mercury Montego. Anyone who can’t see that needs their vision checked ASAP. And the dashboard is reminiscent of an 80s Buick. But it’s Japanese, so it must be perfect.

  5. is that right, if i remember correctly the teana came before the ford twins, and what kind of person remembers enough an 80s buick to imagine that a teana looks like it anyway…which they dont. but thanks for the rediculous comments

  6. Teana came out several YEARS ago. If you see any resemblance to the 500, blame Ford for copying Teana in addition to Passat. Besides, the overall body shape looks nothing like the 500, but you can’t tell that from this photo.

    Anyway, I’m not sure if an Avalon competitor is what Nissan needs. It will certainly go against their current “shift_” marketing campaign. But the current Maxima is really useless… what they need is something like a cheap version of M35. Just like Camry is a cheap version of ES330… and Toyota still manages to sell bags and bags of both.

  7. I didn’t mean to say the Maxima will look like the Teana. I know it won’t. The profile will still be the same car. Only the front grill will look closer to the Teana’s.
    But my point is that if they want to turn it into a luxury car, all they need to do is put the Teana interior in there. After a few years (introduced just a bit before the Maxima) it still looks great.

  8. To the mooncalf who made the comment “what kind of person remembers enough an 80s buick”: That would be a person who knows about cars. Unlike yourself.

  9. I’m sorry, nice interior or not, that is one UGLY ride. Nissan screwed it all up with the current Max. It got big and bloated, not to mention slab sided. The 2002/2003 Maxima is the best and hottest Max ever, and an incredible value right now too!

    Why try to match the Avalon? Toyota created that thing to steal market share from boring old American grandpa sedans, and it did so very well. But the Avalon got a bad rap for being borig so Toyota decided to make it more sporty this go around. The new Avalon is well done, plain and simple…anyone can love it. The new Max better not look like those photos (exterior mainly) or it will die. They need to do what they did with the current Altima: reinvent it and liven it up. The Max needs to be what it started out as: a 4 door sports car!

    I would love to see a big Honda too…I think they would get it right.

    Oh yes, that front end does look like the 500/Montego twins, it really does.

  10. I think a good way to go would be to create a kind of “4 door coupe” like Mercedes.
    Upscale, sporty, super good looking, yet seats 4.
    The 4 door sports car, born again.

  11. First this is NOT the new Maxima. The Maxima is getting a face-lift that will tone down the front and the interior will be done over to be more luxurious.

    Second The Ford 500 and the Montego look like the Teana not the other way around… the Teana came out in 2003.

    Third Samsung motors is owned by Renault/Nissan…

  12. Being the present owner of a 2004 Nissan Maxima, I am pleased to see that the company is redesigning the Maxima. Not based on looks but on a complete failure to deliver a quality product. The present exterior design is certainly stirking and should not be the main reason to redesign. The interior is another thing though. Crappy materials and fit and finish make it a chore to drive this car. Every piece squeaks and rattles, nothing fits nicely into other pieces, it is a nightmare. I think that the cost cutting at Nisan left the poor customer in danger of losing their faith in the quality of a Nissan product.
    The customer support is something else that Nissan has to work on, nowdays the service department, and the consumer affairs departments are totally useless in my experience. We are paying a premium for a Japanese car that is built in America and the fit and finish quality is just NOT THERE AT ALL. Oh and most frustrating of all, trying to email the president of the company is impossible, gee I wonder why.
    [email protected]

  13. Instead of redesigning the interior, how about fixing the multiple quality failures in fit and finish on the darn car. It squeaks and rattles like crazy, no car company should be allowed to sell a car with such a lack of attention to quality

  14. that’s not the refreshed 07 Maxima. that’s the rumored to be 07 Altima you morons. why the hell would they refresh the maxima completely, MMC is supposed to be slight changes if not too obvious. I saw the spy pics already of the refreshed maxima. it still sports the same body style but has different grill and headlights are shaped a little more angular than the square shaped currently out. that’s NOT the maxima dumb people.

  15. The Teana has been rebadged as the Maxima in Australia Since 2004. Would love to see anyone sue if it became the US version too, what a laugh.

    You yanks crack me up.

  16. this “new maxima” which im sure will be called the “2008” model maxima

    this “new maxima” (which im sure you yanks will be call the “2008” model maxima as you do with every new car, assume it came from the coming year) has been available in the “teana” guise in New Zealand since 2002. the big three must be so behind if this can compete as new. ford do look like they copied elements of this maxima design for their horid 500.

  17. i think nissans lookin at it all rong,theres nothing really wrong wit the exterior of the max as is, they need to do is drop the infiniti m45 engine into it,and make the enterior more upscale,that pic of the interior of the nissan teana looks good enough to me,only thing diferent is they should add some head rest dvds, n sell that bitch for less then 40k…..thats a badass ride

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