2007 Toyota Camry

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This picture was taken at the US factory, where the new Camry was shown to some of the employees for one day only.
You can’t tell much from it. Sorry…

But some of the people there mentioned something I thought was a little interesting:
“Machining “It’s tight. I love the ground effects.”
” He ground effects make it look classier”.
These people work for Toyota and they were instructed not to describe the car, but they both mention “ground effects”.
Something the current Camry doesn’t have. And something the spy shots of the car don’t show…
Maybe an option, something for the SE model, or a desperate attempt to lure younger buyers…

We’ll know for sure in about a month.

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  1. Maybe, or the 2006 TSX.
    I hope not…
    I guess they were shown the SE version. That might have slight ground effects.

  2. (Quote for the last post)
    I have seen those pictures and it purely looks alot like the 2006 Accord with a Sonata rear light and slightly more side cladding.

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