Alfa Romeo Spyder

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Not sure if this is an illustration or not. But it does look like the pictures of the car that were on the web a few weeks ago.

One weird thing.. It is based on the Brera coupe. It wears a Pininfarina badge on the side, but the Brera is a Giugiaro design. Maybe Pininfarina is responsible for the convertible, but would they take credit for the whole thing?

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  1. It’s the Brera convertible! Now let’s see them in America, who cares which company designed them.

  2. Who stole the look alike ‘solstice’ like design? At least from this angle that is what the car reminds me.

    Nice look. Would like to see more though.


  3. nice car ive always thought alfas were nice looking cars, and it looks like a pontiac? yeah, right def wishful thinking…..(pontiac very curvy and rounded, alfa long front end curves and edges and the brera came first anyway

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