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Saab announced they just sold 15 units of the 9.2 this October!

That compares to 334 in October 2004.
And that’s for the entire US market.

So rebates will only last a while. GM will have to stop importing the car very soon.
If you’re really into it, get it now!
Other wise, go get the same car at your Subaru dealer.

And remember, a car that is unpopular new, will also be unpopular used.
So you’d better plan on keeping it for a long, long time…

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  1. I think the reason for the low number is because there weren’t any 9-2s left to sell in October…the employee discount deal by GM made these cars leave the lot quickly

  2. if u want one why not buy the saab, neither have phenomenal resale values and the saab is better looking, and to clear the air the resale value thing isnt true, that cars that dont sell well new will have poor resale values, ie. toyota supra, mazda rx7,nsx, viper, g35 a distant third place in its segment, the c class, a distant fourth in its segment and even some of the classics we consider great never sold well new, and many cars sell well new and have horrible resale values ie neon, taurus, explorer, etc.

  3. NSX and Viper don’t sale because they make fery few of them.
    That has nothing to do with what I’m talking about.
    And the G35 sells very well.
    The Neon and Taurus sell mostly to rental companies, that’s why you see so many around.
    Again, bad for resale.

    In 6 or 8 years (or more) , I’d rather have to go to a Subaru dealer to have my WRX fixed, than a Saab dealer . The Saab guys (if they are still around) won’t even remember the 9.2 by that time.

  4. 1- I prefer the look of the saab and since it’s a GM product, the monthly payments of this supposedly more upscale version of the subaru are even lower to the cheaper subaru.

    2- If I go to a subaru dealership to get a SAAB 9-2x repaired, I would be VERY surprised if they refuse to repair the car! They have the parts for it, they know how to repair it, why would they give a f*** what is the name of the car? Hey I had a Mazda and I got a few minor things done on it by a Kia dealership…And Mazda’s are Usually not the same as Kia’s (except for some exceptions like the previous rio… which has some old Mazda parts)

    3- Resale values – I would doubt anybody would not see that this saab is in fact a Subaru. I think that if I was looking for a WRX on the used market I would not hesitate buying a 9-2x AERO instead… And I would not desire that car less than the original… So I think the value of all 9-2x will follow the one of their counterparts from Subaru.

  5. Vince didn’t say low sales leads to low resale value. He said UNPOPULAR new is UNPOPULAR used. There is a big difference.

  6. If all that counts is monthly payment, then get the Saab (and’ll pay later).
    But a Subaru dealer will NOT fix a Saab.
    First they do have some different body parts, ans some of the tunings are different as well.

    Second, it’s just not done. Try to get a Mazda dealer to fix your Ford Fusion.
    And a Chevy dealer won’t touch a Saab 9.7 either….
    If they don’t make it, they don’t fix it. Ask any dealership.

  7. I guess it depends on what should be repaired on the car and on who you’re dealing with. It could also be different here in Canada. I used to work for a dealership and we were repairing all car brands.

    By the way thanks a lot for your site. I have no idea how you get all that info. Good work.

  8. Another point. Tell me if I’m wrong but the bottom line in the choice of a car is often “can I afford it or not”. Especially if the choice has come to be only between the subaru and the saab.

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