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Car aftermarket wiz Mallett is offering a 400hp V8 engine in the Solstice for $38 000.
You can even get a Turbo as an option.

I love the Solstice, but I can’t see where I could drive a V8 compact car in the US….

I haven’t seen one Solstice yet!
Not on the road anyway.

Has anyone here seen one yet??? And where? Where????

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  1. in the detroit area on I-96 around wixom/novi.. Saw a saturn sky prototype broken down on the side of the road last thursday 11/3 around noon (east bound lane).. It was all white, with a monster exhaust system and black stripes on the hood (for camo? too funny)..

    Too bad it was getting towed by a flatbed! I thought it was the solstice but had more of an edgy body style to it.. Looked it up online and found it.. Isn’t the solstice the same platform as the Sky?

  2. A friend of mine got his Solstice about a month ago. There’s a badge on the dash that reads: “First 1000” as his Solstice is one of the first thousand off the line.

    Very cool. He’s a soccer dad/psychologist who traded his Triumph motorcycle for it.

    It’s a very nice car but the trunk is pitifully small. With the top down, it takes up most of the trunk. There’s about enough room in there for either an umbrella or a six pack if you store them in to end.

  3. An umbrella and a six pack!
    That’s all you need.

    A friend of mine always carries a six pack in his trunk. He actually calls it his “trunk beer”.
    It nevergets really cold. But he never shows up anywhere empty handed…

  4. the Sky and Solstice are basically the same car. But GM did a great job by giving them different designs and interiors.
    The Sky will reach Europe as an Opel. (Funny…)
    I actually can’t wait to see the Sky. The interior seems great and a bit more upscale than the Pontiac. And the design reminds me of a baby Corvette..

  5. Here in Quebec city I’ve already seen 3 of them… And the first one was a month ago…

    It’s gonna be popular…

  6. Yes, I saw one in Florida parked at the post office in Daytona Beach. Looked pretty good, but I like the Sky better from the pics.

  7. saw one on east bound I495 around exit 38 in Long Island, NY. It was few days b4 holloween.
    cant wait to see solstice cuope and saturn sky.
    does anyone got info about solstice coupe or is there gonna be sky coupe?

  8. I’ve seen 3 so far, including one on the LIE headed into NYC. I was headed the same way and he got on at Exit 36, so I followed him (more or less) in the left lane all the way in. The Solstice looks great in person, I can’t wait to see the Sky.

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