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Again, can you guess what this is?
I can’t tell you the answer because… I don’t have it.

All I can tell is that the picture was done during winter testing in a very cold place (Duh…).
And the car behind seems to be a Japanese market Nissan Van. But the car itself looks to me more like a Mazda.

Any idea???

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  1. It does look like an RX-8, but It doesn’t seem to have the back doors. At least I don’t see them. I hope it is the Mazda Kabura, because if they make it I know what my next car will be. But what it is, it looks nice…..sort of!

  2. I think it is a Ford Ka during winter testing after snowfall in Europe. I know because of the headlights and the lower grille and itself looks like a tiny hatchback. Although I would also think that the previous people that said Mazdas, and maybe that person that said the Nissan could be right. But ill stand in my position as a Ford Ka.

  3. or maybe some kind of Mazda maybe the RX8 or the previously mentioned KABURA or it would be the Mazda 2 during testing in either Europe or Japan. Recent snowfall gives a clue where this photo might have been taken but when is the question?

  4. Hmmmmmmm, a Japanese market Nissan Van ehhhhhhhh. Ummmmmmmmmm I guess that would be the Nissan Lafesta because of its front grille. But the car hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let’s see I would guess with the previous person named alvin with the Ford Ka

  5. That’s a Previa in behind and like I said earlier, it is the new Celica winter testing in Canada. They get snow there you know and all the manufacturers winter test in Kapuskasing in Northern Ontario.

  6. I think it is the new Ford Mondeo that was previewed earlier as a concept at the Frankfurt I think it was.

  7. I think it’s the new Ford Econoline… Yep… I’m sure about this one. My dad just told me and my dad is always right.

    Jokes aside, I think the front doesn’t go at all with the rest of the car. I think it’s the front of an RX-8 on another car…probably just for testing purposes. Since the hood of the RX-8 is so low, I would not bet on a V6 or a V8 under the hood. Maybe a rotary, maybe a 4 cylinder engine. It could be a new RX sports car from Mazda or a disguised economy car since the look of the car at the back isn’t that great.

    As for the location of the picture, I’m also sure it’s in Northern Canada, maybe Kapuskasing or Timmins…

    Happy New year Vince!

  8. Just figured out what the vehicle in the background is. $1 million bucks says it’s a Murano. The headlights and lower air intake are the giveaways.

  9. No way could it be the next Ford Ka because thats testing (Hot & Cold) testing in Pakistan. The Mazda RX-8 is a coupe itself but it has 4 doors but it wouldn’t be a door RX-8. A stunt car?

  10. The Iosis is a concept car but good guess. Nissan Urge? I was just compring pictures and Vince why are your spy pics mostly grainy and low-res?

  11. Laguna,

    Obviously, I’m not an idiot – I know the Iosis was a concept car, but it was previewing a future model to come. This could be a preproduction model for that new model. Duh.

  12. Well the Ford Losis is a scheduled production car for Europe for 2008/2009 so there’s no way it’s a Ford Losis.

  13. I think the car in the backround is probably some type of Renault MPV, maybe a Scenic or even a Modus. That could mean winter testing in Europe, so could it possibly be a new Peugeot coupe? There was a Peugeot concept at an auto show that had the bulging front fenders like an RX-8, right?

  14. It is an RX-8 by Mazda. They have been out for a few years. The photographer may want to visit a Mazda dealer for a great deal on a used 2004 Mazda RX-8 🙂

  15. Toyota seems to be copying Mazda lately. & it’s funny how MB is independantly? finding similar suolutions. My guess… it’s a HUCKFELDT! guess he finally decided to build cars, not just ‘bild’ cars.

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