2007 Eclipse convertible

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What a good looking car.
The Eclipse coupe already looks great, so you can’t go wrong in turning it into a convertible.

The only thing that would bug me is the tiny rear window, therefore the giant blind spot.
Newer convertibles usually do much better than this. And it does turn into a pain when you drive around with the top up.
The car should start at around $25 000. Pretty much the same as the Mustang.

I wonder why I don’t see more Eclipses around. I think it is a very nice car.
Have they destroyed their reputation so much in the past few years???

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  1. I never drove one but heard rumors that those cars are all show, no go.

    I hope this one doesn’t handle like an old buick but more like an S2000…

    But it’s definitively very beautiful.

  2. not sure how they are selling but where im from u see them all the time. i really like the eclipse, and this convertible looks better than what it thought because of the odd curves and angles of the coupe but its nice looking,

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