2007 Volvo S80

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The top photo looks like an illustration to me.
But the one on the bottom….That looks pretty real.

And again, why did they bother make the all new model look so much like the old one.
Can’t anyone at Ford learn from previous mistakes? Like what they did with the new Jaguar XJ that looked almost the same as the old one?
They are paying the price now, with declining sales of a model that is just over 2 years old.

I predict the same for this Volvo.

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  1. Other photos supposedly of the new Volvo S80 looked more like an enlarged S60. This photo looks much like a Hyundai Azera–nice, but not great.

  2. This car should have demonstrated a new design direction for Volvo, like what the present s80 has been doing since its introduction. Every other volvo design has been inspired by it.

    But they are probably targeting a VERY conservative market. Or so they think… I wouldn’t call the new LS460 from Lexus very conservative…

    Ford has a tendancy to do that with its european brands. (Aston Martin, Volvo, Jaguar for example) We can also think about the Range Rover sport that looks almost the same as the regular Range Rover.

  3. The first one looks like a photoshopped S40, but the second one does look real. It is an evolution of the current design, but the evolution is very slow. I have to see better photos or a real one until I make further judgement. That happened to me when I first saw the S60, thought it was ugly but then when it came out it actually looked okay.

  4. autoweek.com, has the pic of the volvo s80, unfortunately it looks like a big s60,which makes no sense to me,the s80 gave the volvo line a new desighn direction, the s60 came out in like 99, why would u redesighn a car to look like a car that came outin 99, and will soon be redesighned. and i totally agree with the xj comment,it looks like buick did a jaguar itsthe old jaguar with less defined lines, a higher roof, a more squared off front end, its not even as sleek as the old one, it was a half hearted redesighn, and the interior looks basicaly identical. they could have improved jaguar with that car, they havnt learned, same for me with the xk, it is very nice looking but it reminds me of an aston martin, a boring desighned one, jaguar needs something gorgeous and well desighned not boring, taking after another brand…….

  5. Didn’t Toyota do the same thing with the new Camry – an all-new model that looks a lot like the previous one. Why isn’t Toyota criticized for not taking a new design direction for their beloved Camry? Oh wait, they’re Toyota.

  6. I found out these are both Photoshoped from the S40.
    I just saw the original photos… Sorry.

    But the new Camry does not look like the old one.
    Just look at the pictures.

  7. Not only have I seen the pictures, I also saw the new Camry at the Detroit show. Sorry, but the new Camry looks a lot like the old Camry.

  8. I don’t know what you have been smoking but the new camry looks nothing like the old one. I heard people accusing Toyota of copying everyone. Now they are supposedly copying themselves. LOL

  9. Good thing its a photochop of an S40, since this car sucks! More importantly than how it looks, I’d like it to be a real mid-size car, instead of a car that fits neither here, nor there.

    There is something to be said about a slow evolution of design. It works for alot of people, but sometimes it pigeonholes the designers.

  10. Toyota isn’t copying themselves, they just didn’t stray too far from the previous Camry. When Toyota does the edgy styling thing, we get results like the xB, so it’s a good thing they took the safe path with the new Camry.

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