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I thought the new VW was a pretty stunning car. Not only because of the way it looks. But also because of all the cool features.
It is a convertible with a sunroof and a glass roof as well. All in one. A perfect 4 season car.
And it is perfectly finished inside.
The only thing that worries me is the roof mechanicals. The whole thing is very complicated. Much more so than the Volvo.
With tons of little parts that fold, stick out, back in etc…

VW has had quite a few problems with the simpler New Beetle convertible tops. So I’m not sure what to think about the reliability of the Eos.
It could be a great car…

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  1. Cool videos, Vince. Though I don’t share your enthusiasm for the Volvo or VW Eos for this reason:
    the trunks appear to be relegated to top storage bins.

    How can you fit anything in the trunk if it’s taken up by the hard top?

    The cool thing about a grand touring rag top, like a Jag XK8, is that top-down touring doesn’t compromise the trunk space. I love zooming on a spring weekend getaway with the top down and enough space in the trunk for both mine and my wife’s bags. And she doesn’t pack light!

    Granted, not everyone is crazy about the appearance of a folded-down top that sits outside the frame of the car. But on balance, I prefer the rag top.

    I’m curious to see how much space the new, 2007 Jag XK will work. The top goes under the skin of the car, but I don’t know how much, if any, of the trunk space is compromised. Not that I can afford a new XK anytime soon . . .

  2. I see what you mean…
    I guess the XK is pretty much like the Saab. The top folds flat too, and the trunk is pretty good.

    The space under the top in the EOS IS pretty small.
    I saw you could but about 2 small soft bags in there.

    But soft tops are never as solid. They squeak a bit (all of them) where the top meets the windows.
    And the idea of still having s sunroof/glasstop when the car is closed is really nice.

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