2007 Volvo S80

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Just a few more views of the new S80.
A very good looking car, but I still think it looks too close to the old one.

The need to steal customers from other brands. Not just sell this new one to previous owners.
BMW and Mercedes have a huge amount of people who are just going to buy their new models, over and over.
Volvo isn’t in that position.

They “could have been a contender”….

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  1. it almost seems like a joke to be so much like the last one.

    Its got a straight-6 which is pretty cool. I don’t see the V8 to be a big lure for this car. Its not really a “OMFG” kinda powerful V8, and this isn’t such a heavy car that it needs it. But, people have been clamoring for it for a long time, so, I guess they just caved.

  2. The old car had a pretty original design. This new one sticks pretty close to it. It’s nice otherwise – a really clean and modern design. Also an available v8 with awd should make it a little more competitive. If anything, the interior’s bland. The flat dash curving away, like in the 3-series, will get some critism.

    In the end it comes down to the marketing. There wasn’t enough exposure with the last model and they let sales fizzle out.

  3. i like this car, i bet it looks even better in person. it’s also really not the same as the last one either.

  4. Great design, great car. Vince, you are wrong on this one. The S80 is a great car with exceptional features, and it will sell. I personally do not feel the design is “too close to the old one.” This design is sleeker and definetly an evolution of the old model. What do you want Volvo to do, drastically change and ruin the design ala BMW 5-Series. Let’s be realistic here.

  5. It does not look like the old S80, it looks much nicer and doesn’t look like a car for 80 year old. For a Ford-owned company, it is good enough if they can retain the old customers. Drawing new customers is just too much to ask for from them.
    And I agree with the above comment, they can’t put a circular grille on that car and still say it’s a Volvo. Maybe you want a Volvo to look like the ’96 Taurus?

  6. I like what they did with the back of the car, I always thought the back of the current one looked funny, almost added on feel to it. I agree with you that the front needed to depart more from the current version, maybe the lights, or another grill treatment. Anything will be better that the current interior!!

  7. Yeah, looks like a mix of Camry, Corolla, with a pinch of Sienna for good measure thrown in…

    j/k =)

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