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This is just an illustration, but it looks pretty realistic.

The CLK always looks pretty good whenever it comes out. But it always seems to look dated pretty quickly.
The current one looks nice, but nothing more. It is totally anonymous. At a starting price of over $45 000 before any options, it should stand out.
Based on the $30 000 C class, it is a big mark up for a car that doesn’t look that amazing…
A coupe should be more than a 2 door sedan.

But there isn’t much competition for it. The 3 series is cheaper, (and as anonymous), and I can’t think of any other luxury brand that offers a coupe at a similar price.
Lexus might be the 1st. They are soon coming up with a coupe version of the IS.

Where are the US brands? Cadillac and Lincoln. If Mercedes can make money with a boring looking expensive coupe, you would think someone out there could actually design a super attractive one that people would want…

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  1. a copy of which toyota, lol toyota wishes they had a car that looked as good as a mercedes especially a clk. people and their toyota fantasies…lol. but past the brain wash i like the current model better if this is the new one, the lights make it look kinda plain, and the body crease is to apparent.

  2. and technically the clk was desighned to fit in above the c class that it is based, which is why it has a v6, and v8,not a 4 and a 6 and is a larger car than the c class, so 3 series, and a4, and g35 all are below this car. the clk would be the car if bmw made a car in between the 3 and 6 series coupes. i think a cadillac cts coupe, would be nice competition same size alot cheaper price

  3. Um…..photochop of an R-Class, why do they have to choose the R-Class to do a photochop of the future CLK?

  4. Well, this is just a computer generated pic so I’m sure the real deal will look much better.

    I like the fact that it’s also a two door “hardtop” with no “B” pillar. The Big 3 used to be prolific with this type of styling years ago………but then just gave up on it.

    Hopefully the new Camaro as well as the new Challenger will actually be pillarless coupes like the concepts!

  5. It’s not as good as the Camry. I love the Camry. It has 4 doors, and come to mention it 4 wheels! Yay i love unimaginative styling and the fact its a Toyota! Go Camry…. it’s all i ever think of. I compare every car to it because i am boring, middle aged and passed it. Thats why I drive an old 90s camry. woo.

  6. Please stop your stupid comments. You can’t take a photoshop and say “why is Mercedes copying Toyota”! Nobody of us knows anything about how the next CLK will look – so we all have to wait and see.
    @ Vince: Maybe you should mark photoshopped images with red and yellow blinking warnings, for our daffy readers… 😉

  7. the only thing that a clk is a like toyota is its resale value which is higher than any lexus or toyota……i guess people do want them..

  8. toyota and lexus got where they are by copying german (cars) and American (suv and pick-ups-look at the toyato F-150 clone). Some people need a review of history.

  9. Whoever made this photochop obviously had a picture of a Solara on their desk. Lets home Mercedes will be a little more creative with the real thing.

  10. I , personaly, don’t see the Solara in this.

    But it’s always fun to see what happens when people “dare” comparing a Mercedes to a Toyota…

  11. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most of those people are joking and being sarcastic.

    Its kinda more of the same from Mercedes. I’m kinda sad to see the 4-round-light look go, but there isn’t anywhere to go from there.

    The CLK was based on both C and E class parts from my understanding. For example, the C55 has suspension bits from the CLK55, etc. But is sized more in line with the E-class.

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