2007 Ford Escape

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It might just be amonth away.
Looks like a new front, rear and interior for the 2007 Escape.
That’s what Ford has been doing with their SUVs for years. They’re almost never “all new”.
But it looks like it might work.

What are your wishes for the new Escape?

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  1. I hate how Ford wants to use this new tri-bar grill idea but then doesn’t incorporate it into all of their vehicles, just pick something and stick with it!

    I also hate how their vehicles are never all new. Toyota and Honda consistently come out with new generations of their vehicles every 5-6 years like clockwork. Come on Ford!

  2. Well the engine needs to be the new V6 they have promised forever. The interior really needed and upgrade and the vehicles needs to be alot quieter.

  3. the escape has always been ahead of the competition
    and you don’t look like afag driving one around. many guys would never drive a rav4 because of that
    except the liberal gay west hollywood crowd

  4. my friend recently bought an escape, and before he got it home, the rear axle snapped on it while he was going over railroad tracks and crashed it!

  5. This vehicles look’s fine. It has the lights of the 2008 Freestyle, the hood of the 2007 Edge, with a grill inspired by the 2007 Expedition.J

    Not too shabby. We own an escape and we’ve driven the competition. The only thing that I’d put over the Escape would be the Jeep Liberty, and that’s not even a decent comparison. I can’t wait to see the Hybrid version of this escape.

  6. I think the grille works with the rest of the Ford range and I think the tri-bar can be incorporated on up-spec markets (guess only), though I’d like to see the rest of the car.

  7. I hope they don’t go overboard with that fusion grill. Too much of a good thing just makes it look common and boring. Just look at the over the top nissan styling.

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