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Just a couple of news bits:

It will start at $25 900.
Dealers will have it in May.

So you figure about $29 000 for a loaded model with leather, navigation and sunroof.
I think it is a pretty good price. Pretty much in line with a GXE V6.

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  1. Like all Toyotas, it’ll be an excellent car.

    But I’d still prefer a 4 cylinder Camry without the hybrid feature which continues to make no economic sense IMO.

    All hybrids do is make you pay for your gas in advance–and probably pay much more while you own the car.

  2. ^ That cmment makes me want to hurt myself.

    Hybrids are useless at their current level of savings. Unless you can get 50+ mpg from the system, why bother? A good Diesel could get equal mileage, for cheaper, and much simpler.

  3. LOL! “That comment makes me want to hurt myself”! I agree.

    Hybrids are an intermediate form of technology. While giving a little more MPG (never as much as the EPA numbers are listed)…they make you pay a premium.

    But I guess their purpose isn’t to save money, but to save gas. Unfortunately, the average driver isn’t concerned as much with how much petro is left in the world, but how much money they save at the pump. (either by using less or paying less)

    They may make some sense, but they certainly don’t seem to make ‘cents’.

    Ouch. I made a funny.

    BTW…that front end looks more Mazda than most Mazdas.

  4. Seeing the Camry take that corner makes me feel…sleepy. But the dangling booger grill does liven things up, though not in a good way.

  5. I agree with Phafanapolis, but I have to hand it to Toyota. The Camry Hybrid is exactly what the market wants by way of a mid-size sedan, and it will sell like crazy. The Altima Hybrid with the Toyota system will probably do pretty well, too, ending any hope GM and Ford might have in this sector. The Camry model line alone, as much as I dislike it, will probably put Toyota into the number-one slot this year.

  6. douche, while your patriotism is commendable, since when is the fusion all-american? based on a japanese platform in mexico, its hard to see where you got the “all”, in “all-american”

  7. I just bought a Lexus RX400h hybrid. The technology is really incredible. First of all, at low speeds, the car makes NO noise at all, inside and out. I’m sure the Camry hybrid will be no different. I personally didn’t buy the RX for the gas savings; rather, the emissions are drastically reduced and the mileage range is longer on a tank. I spoke to my dealer about purchasing a GS hybrid too.

  8. There’s a hybrid Fusion coming?

    That’s news to me, although I’m sure it won’t be out for a few years. Ford needs to add it’s 3.5L V6 to the Fusion before adding a hybrid model.

  9. Hybrids make people FEEL better.

    But there is one very practical reason to buy a hybrid: In Northern VA, some of the commuter Interstates (I-66 inside the DC Beltway for example) are HOV only. Not just one or 2 HOV lanes, but HOV ONLY! Hybrids, for now, are allowed in HOV lanes in VA.

    I’m willing to bet Fairfax County has (one of) the best Hybrid sales in the US. No joke, at least 1 of 10 cars, and half of all new cars in my neighborhood are hybrids.

  10. Ford’s always got something ‘coming up’. Unfortunately for them, by the time they get it to market, other makers have raised the bar again, and left Ford (GM too) excited about yesterday’s news. Kind of like the Explorer’s new V8 that can’t keep pace with a Pilot, Trailblazer, Pathfinder 6 cylinder! Just look at testing records, 8.2 sec to 60 MPH has been done or bettered by ALL of these 6 cylinder engines, while the Ford still gets the ancient “Cologne” 4.0 V-6 based on the GERMAN 2.0 liter of the 60s.

  11. didn’t toyota recall all the prius hybrids for stopping at highway speeds? and yes, you dumb fuc#$, i know i’m using lower case, that’s what i do, i set the rules you simple little bugs.

  12. Apparently there’s some bad news for Ford.

    If my Ford sources are correct, then the Fusion *will not* be getting the 3.5L V6 for several years at the very least. From what they tell me, the 3.5L V6 will be reserved for the “upper level” Ford sedans, like the Lincoln Zephyr/MK.

    Things could change of course, but I wouldn’t count it.

    Even in the best case scenario of the Fusion getting that bigger engine, there would still be the matter of improving the interior, as well as the feature/option content on the car.

  13. Douchebag, you are right, I did forget. As to G, remember that the Camry is being built in the US. Nothing is totally the province of one country any more—but I suppose the important thing is, to qualify for the ‘all-American’ tag these days—where the profits wind up. Yes, I know the Fusion is a latter-day Ford Telstar and I will unreasonably hate it for that very reason …

  14. Isn’t the price $2k less than the more powerful Accord, after all the options are added?
    Why would I want that ugly thing?
    The front looks like a sinking Titanic smashed by a Yaris.

  15. This week’s South Park addressed the issue of hybrid owners causing a “Smug Alert” while driving around in their various “Pious” and “Hindsight” cars. It’s a decently funny episode, and as is usual for the series, it’s dead on target.

  16. I know they keep making it uglier! Note to auto industry, reliability, safety, gas millage mean more to middle america than something that looks good.

  17. The thinking behing hybrids is exactly the same as the thinking behing V8 engines and every other go fast feature on a car. You’ll never get to your destination faster because you spend the extra $4000 for a V8. Some people count performance in HP. Others count MPG. Same thinking, different markets. Congratulations to Toyota for catching on first and capitalizing on this market.

  18. Just some clarification …

    Toyota is increasing Georgetown capacity by 50,000 for the Hybrid Camry. So most of the hybrid Camrys will be built in Georgetown, with the rest likely in Japan.

    It’s unlikely that the Subaru plant would build the hybrid Camry, because it would be a new plant (to Toyota) with new workers, and considering the complexity of the hybrid, it would make sense to build it at Georgetown where the workers are more experienced.

    An Accord Hybrid doesn’t come loaded, just like the Camry Hybrid. If you load up both models, there still is a 4- 5K price differential.

  19. I’d rather “pay for my gas in advance” to the auto manufacturers than pay it to the middle east.

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