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VW has discovered problems with the EOS roof.
It lets in too much air inside the car. The cabin therefore becomes very noisy with the top up…
The European March launch date was pushed to May. Then July.

Now it’s been moved back to May. They claim the problem has been fixed.

Do you trust them?

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  1. I was wondering when VW was unveiling this car at numerous autoshows why would VW build this car for? VW should’ve canceled the car and maybe trashed the design entirely when the EOS’s roof top was having problems. VW designers should’ve have gone into a radical coupe or maybe a crossover SUV than this over-worked EOS convertible.

  2. It actually looks preety good in that picture. As for the roof, they probbaly just put more rubber or something on the edges.

  3. If it lets in air, then it probably lets in water. A Volkswagen is a Volkswagen, no matter how expensive it is priced.

  4. well that doesnt sound good, but the pontiac has also had top problems as a matter of fact where is it…….are they even still building it…..

  5. The Volvo is not in the same market. It costs over $10 000 more than the VW.
    It’s like saying you’d rather buy an Avalon than a Corolla.

  6. Vince, you are a little behind in your info… as posted on The Car Connection and AutoWeek a few weeks ago, VW has identified the source of the wind noise and isolated it. In fact, the US release date has been confirmed to be May, a month before the Golf.

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