VW Concept R gets a green light.

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We saw it over 2 years ago, but they claim it will finally make it into production.
Good news, it still looks great.

But… When the concept was presented, they told the press it would be a cheaper alternative to the Porsche Boxter.
Which means: another overpriced VW!

I think the R should be priced in the mid 20’s, as a competition to the Solstice, Sky and the upcoming Chevy roadster.
And do it quick.

We don’t need another $35 000 Volkswagen.

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  1. i completely agree with what you are saying about the pricing — it’s the reason the phaeton failed in the US. but seeing as how the new EOS convertible starts at about $29,000 this idea seems unlikely

  2. i also wonder how much it will cost i was reading they originally cancelled it because it was to close in price to the expensive boxster. im assuming they couldnt have done to much to cheapen it, why a vw. in my opinion audi should have gotten this car because no matter how nice it looks or how much better it gets, the tt is just a coupe and convertible version of a $17,000 golf which is outrageous and no one talks about platform sharing with this car ( comeon over $40,000, huge difference over the car it is based). Or they should have made it a true sports car to go against the 350, or it should have been a miata type of car.

  3. $25,000 for a car look this nice would be awesome.

    But let’s be realistic. This is a mid-engine RWD (maybe they’ll throw in AWD later) halo vehicle that will be priced way above the EOS.

    I hope I’m completely wrong on this of course. After all, Toyota managed to bring us the Japan-built, mid-engine RWD MR2 with a slick transmission for less than $25k….. which nobody bought. But I blame the froggy looking design for its failure.

    My guess is, this car will be $10k south of Porsche Boxter… Whatever that price comes out to be.

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