Jeep Patriot interior

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Part sharing is alive and well at Chrysler’s.
As you can see, the Patriot inherits an even cheaper looking version of the Caliber’s interior…
Maybe that’s enough for the price?

It should still look better. Even with cheap plastics.

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  1. That’s a gross interior. Chrysler has really been taking some steps backward since the 300/Magnum peak. A lot of media outlets don’t group Chrysler with Ford and GM, but if Chrysler keeps up this kind of parts-cloning, cheap-ass plasticky shit, it won’t be long before they join Ford and GM in the consumer category of ailing, crappy American car companies.

  2. I like most elements of the Pacifica’s interior. I think that is the best interior Chrysler has done so far in terms of design and working with what they had, even if the materials weren’t as good as they could have been. I don’t think that negative media perceptions and poor sales of the overall Pacifica vehicle should have discouraged Chrysler from continuing to build on their progress with that interior. Starting with the 300, interior design for them has gone way down. This is a new low. Now they not only have to fire their interior design director but they need to empty their parts bin and start over.

  3. The centre stack looks decent, and the gauges are average, but those plastics are positively atrocious. Not to mention, that design is from the 1980’s. There *are* ways of making a boxy interior look modern, but this is definitely not it.

    I hope this thing sales-wise doesn’t do good, as that interior is flat out embarrasing.

  4. One more thing … about the Pacifica interior … only reason it’s design is because there are a lot of Benz interior pieces used on the Pacifica. In fact, the R Class and Pacifica share quite a few parts.

    It’s embarrassing what has become of Mercedes.

  5. The Pacifica’s interior was also designed by a guy who used to work at Audi. I wonder what happened to him.

    I don’t think they used any actual Benz parts, though. Only Benz design ideas and features, such as the nav system in the dash with the electroluminescient speedometre display, and the seat controls on the door panel.

  6. yeah there wasnt quite a few parts used from the r class, the r class is based on the ml, the pacifica on the minivans get the story right

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