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These are more pictures from the Bob Lutz interview on CBS.

I now believe this car to be the next CTS.
The interior is just too small to be a large Cadillac.
And it is way too early for a new STS.

If it is, I can’t wait to see it.
And let’s hurry. It looks great now, but it’ll just look OK in 3 years…
The competition isn’t asleep either. A new G35 is already on its way…

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  1. wow it looks like cadillac is learning its lesson this will be one nice car if this is the new cts., what interview was this is there a way i got it more info

  2. HOLY MOLEY!!!

    Looks like Caddy is bringin’ out the big timbers to put a whoopin’ on someone.

    We can’t even see the whole thing yet and that car looks amazing! I’m hoping it’ll be rolled out in NY.

  3. I can kinda see this as the next cts because its not too crazily styled…also, i can see a coupe/cabrio concept coming because it can show the styling of the next cts for sure…that way it gives 3 series/IS/G35 some future competition from an american brand…Gm might be on the right track finally.

  4. The interview was on 60 minutes.
    He didn’t show much, of course.
    I’ll post 2 more pics latter, of other cars.
    We can’t see much really…(these 3 are the best)

    But I think this is the next CTS and they were right to show it.

  5. ive always liked the way the cts looked, and i like the ride they drive, and ride, but could never bring myself to buying a car that costs as much as bmw and and the interior materials quality of hyundai accent(if that), but i would buy one if it looks anything like this

  6. The CTS is probably the next car to be replaced in the line-up, so I agree with Vince on that one. And it’s good to see it stay Cadillac’s style leader: young buyers will like that, and they’re the ones who’ll drive Caddy’s future custom.

  7. If somebody pointed a gun to my head and forced me to buy an American car, my first pick always would have been an STS.

    But oh man, this new CTS is looking very promising. If the price is right, this car would be on my shopping list.

    The interior looks money and airy, unlike that of the current CTS, which looks like it was designed by disgrunted Saab employees. I love that new headlamps too. Smells like money!

  8. Hmm, so it appears several different cars were shown.

    The front end shown most likely is the next CTS. The rear shown seems to be some sort of concept, as it’s missing some features like a bumper to be a production car.

    The interior many believe is the new CTS, but it may be a new coupe or another model. The only problem I have with that interior, is that it looks head and shoulders above any current Cadillac interior. If this is indeed the new CTS interior, then the new CTS will steal sales from other Cadillacs like the STS and DTS, because their interiors look shameful in comparison to this one. It’s ironic that the interior shown seems to be inspired by Lexus design. It has several design cues that are on current Lexus interiors.

    I wouldn’t jump to conclusions until we see the production reveal of the new CTS. I say this because keep in mind they were at a design studio, where concepts and advanced designs are produced, many of which are not slated for production.

    You’d never see one of the German or Japanese automakers be so open as to show advanced designs and the inside of their design studio on TV to millions of people. Personally I think they showed a bit too much, and the competition no doubt is gleaming with joy after seeing such secretive information.

    I saw it almost as an act of desperation on GM’s part, to try outshine the competition and show a sense of hope about the company. But that’s just me, and likely many will disagree.

  9. The interior is a styling buck, I guess, and you are right, Johnson: it might be best not to assume anything about that one. As to the front bit of the car, the British documentary When Rover Met BMW showed a bit of the then-secret Rolls-Royce Phantom, so these tiny revelations are not limited to the USA. Remember, too, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Mercedes-Benz A-class and the new Mini were both shown years before they went on sale.

  10. Ahh, my mistake then Jack. But to be fair, other than the Benz, none of those are high volume vehicles like the CTS is.

    That front end may also be a concept, not final production trim. I will await final judgement until I see the production version of the next CTS.

  11. I think this is pretty close to the actual prodution model. The front grill is pretty much from the new Escalade. I really wish that they keep the font headlights- they look awesome. Don’t be like Lexus-for its new LS 460, it should have kept the cool headlight from the concept.

    As far as the interior goes, i agree with previous post, it’s inspired by Lexus. OMG, GM has finally got it. It’s not about reinvent the wheel, but just copy from the best. MB and Lexus is coping BMW like crazy, and Chrysler is coping bentley and RR without any shame.

    one thing about the interior though- where is the navigation system??? it’ 2006 already.

    If GM can keep this car under $35,000, Look out IS and 3series.

  12. Johnson, you’re absolutely right. And I think the Mercedes warrants being thought of as an exception as it was very radical for its time.

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