2007 Hyundai Elantra

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Just a few more pictures of the new Elantra.

I am not too crazy about the “boring” exterior. But the interior seems much more interesting.
And that’s where you spend your time.
And, from these pictures at least, the quality seems pretty amazing for a car in that segment.
It seems actually better than the more expensive Sonata…

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  1. i agree it looks very infiniti-esque, especially like the 2007 G35. you can call it weak but the elantra IS an economy car…

    the taillights look very IS-ish in these pics.

  2. Sure, its nice for an economy car. I was just commenting on the unimaginative copy job, that’s all.

  3. I wonder if at night it lights up blue on the IP and green on the stereo. That just screams cheap, I think that’s one reason that Hyundai interiors turn me off.

    I do have to admit that the layout and quality of materials looks good from the photo. The 2.0 is from the Spectra, I believe, I wonder why they didn’t go for a more powerful 2.0 GEMA?

  4. Does anyone know if they’re going to build a 5 door hatch-wagon body? One of those with more power would make a lot of sense.

  5. 2007 Elantra Interior
    First let’s get some things straight. The rear tailights donot resemble the current corolla. Do a comparo if you have time. It’s only in your imagination. Second the interior lighting is all blue background(finally they got right).

    As far as the dash design resmbling an Infiniti? So? what would you rather it resemble?

    All manufacturers have to start their designs from some place and for a car in this class the interior looks great. The exterior may not be “gotta have it” design but last time I checked the sales # the Toyota Camry, Corolla, Accord and Civic are still best sellers and their designs don’t exactly scream drive me.

    Life is good.


  6. Jac, I don’t know why you are offended by me commenting on Hyundai’s obvious inspiration for the dash. We’re allowed to make observations, correct?

    As for what I think it should resemble- I don’t know, but it would be nice if it didn’t resemble a cheaper version of something already on the market.

    I’m just not a fan of “me too” styling. Deal w/ it.

  7. What on earth? “deal w/it?” you closed out with that comment?
    why? You criticize Elantra interior as being like Infiniti and say it looks cheap?

    You have written a mouthful without ever setting foot in the car and yet I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

    This car’s interior is better looking than most cars in the this class and here you are ripping it because it draws inspiration from luxury cars?

    Only one word could describe those comments. R-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s!

    Life is very good.

  8. I did say it was nice for an economy car. Then you (aka “The Calvary”) came in to save the day.

    I wasn’t “ripping” Hyundai. I just expressed that once again, I’m not a fan of “me too” styling. It looks like a cheapER version of Infiniti’s, an original.

    What about that is so hard to understand? There’s really nothing to be so upset about.

  9. “The Cavalry”
    What in hades are you talking about? No need to get upset this is a discussion forum.

    You gave your opinion on the Elantra’s interior. You said it was very “ininiti-esque” and “weak”. Only repeating what you said.

    Stand tall and accept the fact that you said what you did.

    Living the good life


  10. Jac, at least attribute the quote to the correct person. I didn’t say “infiniti-esque” that was another poster.

    And, as I said earlier, I did say the car was nice. And never once did I not accept the fact that I said what I did, so I don’t understand the attempt to make me own up to what I said.

    In any case, you set the tone of not being accepting of opinions by coming in and telling someone that felt the car resembled a Corolla that it was “only in their imagination”.

    How about this: If its okay w/ you, I and the others on this forum will continue to have our opinions w/o your approval, and you can have yours.

  11. 8oO…

    Yeah, I noticed that too. It does remind me of the Corolla. But, we’re obviously wrong about that because according to Jac, its just our imaginations.

  12. It Looks Like a….
    The Elantra’s rear tail light looks like a Corolla, the Sonata’s rear tail lights looks like an Accord etc….. Can’t stop laughing because you can’t tell the difference.


  13. Sorry for my attitude, gents. I’m going through a horrible breakup with my male lover and it seems since he’s the one with the cashflow, I’ll have to trade in my M45 for a new one of these, hence my anger.

    Life is good,

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