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These are pictures of the Korean version called the Carens.
The US Rondo will have a V6 available.

It doesn’t look great, or very modern. It’s not ugly, but it just looks very utilitarian.The interior seems much better, and very roomy for the size.
The Rondo won’t sell on its looks but it seems like a great package. And you know it’ll be priced right.

It reminds me of a minivan in this way: people will buy it because of how convenient it is. Despite of the way it looks, or its image.
But are they enough people who actually need one?

Design always sells. A great car needs to look good.Kia should learn that lesson.

Hey, how about a really good looking car based Kia Sorento, to really push the brand forward in the US…

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  1. Looks like a plumped up Legacy. lol

    I think it’s quite adorable looking.

    If the v6 is the 3.3 from Sonata instead of the weaker one from its sibling Optima, then I think this will be a one neat package. I just hope this one isn’t heavy… but then again, Kia figured out how to make their van safer than the competition w/o resorting to adding extra 500lbs of steel like the last Sedona.

  2. Me-To product, another Minivan-crossover-5door sthg.

    Only chance to sell it will be the price, just doesn´t offer anything that you couldn´t get somewhere else…

    And again: Who want´s to sit in that 3rd row + good luck fitting in a backpack in the “trunk” behind it…

  3. i think ill have to go with ugly on this, the interior doesnt look that bad if its cheap but otherwise whats the point of this car…..its like they wanted a car to compete with the mazda 5 and got lost somewhere in the styling department, gave up and just decided on an odd looking station wagon

  4. hyundai and kia have come such a long way from the last generation models, they have improved so much in design and have kept there competitive price. they deserve credit for their accomplishments and people should be consider them when looking for cars in their respective segments

  5. some government somewhere has to pass a law on third row seats. vehicles like this, toyota rav4 and suzukis should not be allowed to cram in a third row for marketing reasons. in this day of crash tests, air bags, safety this and curtain that, has no one seen the obvious death trap that toyota and other companies are building. Someonme step up in support!!!And shame on the companies that are profitting from marketing something they would NEVER put their loved ones in.

  6. Absolutlty! There shouldn’t be a third row in a vehicle that small or without proper protection. Perhaps an airbag in the rear of a vehicle above the liftgate?
    I wonder how the new Kia and Hyundai minivans did so well in rear crash protection? Apparently they are the safest minivan ever built.

  7. i agree with the third row of seat, the occupants head is right at that rear glass, and i imagine a minivan would fair better with a third row of seat, because cars that “big” are made for them, a car that is barely bigger than a spectra sedan shouldnt have a third row of seat, it makes n

  8. I could just imagine what would happen to the occupants in the third row should the car be in rear end collision.

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