2007 BMW X3

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Very slight revisions that make it a bit “less cheap” looking.
Still not great for the price…

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  1. The most unattractive part of this vehicle is still a major oversight – the extensive black plastic lining the bottom! For $35,000 +, could I please have a little extra paint? Please?

  2. The only noticeable change I see is that they made the front a bit less Korean looking, and not as awkward as the current X3.

    Otherwise, looks the same. BMW should have made a bigger change, because competition in this segment is about to heat up, with the Acura RDX, and a rumoured Lexus mini crossover.

  3. The only reason why some one should buy that thing over an RDX is because of the logo, nothing else!
    this thing is as expensive as the Jeep SRT8. Can any one explain to me why would I buy this when I can get Cayene eater (SRT8) for less and have money left over to buy gas for two years?
    With all the options a female friend of mine paid about $47,000 for an X3. The SRT8 is 7 grand cheaper.
    Remember that Jeep is every bit German as the X3.

  4. Why anyone would be either one (bmw or acura) of those ugly vehicles is beyond me. Go for the new Edge and get it all for thousands less and alot better looking.

  5. I don’t mind the black plastic around the bottom (nice when you don’t have to repaint a parking lot scuff), but the new front end looks like a chipmunk with it’s cheeks stuffed with food.

    Still, I like the X3, but it isn’t a good value especially considering the poor reliability record.

    One thing worthy of praise it the omission of i-drive.

  6. nothing about this car looks korean as a matter of fact what is a korean look since they look like japanese copies. the interior on this thing stills look cheaper than its price tag, like the freelander, but its reliability has been average not bad. but i think it looks nicer on the inside than the rdx which looks well put together and good quality but not like a car priced the same as the x3,

  7. To the Knuckle Dragger above:
    What are all of you people talking about?
    I just got one in black and love it over my S60 Volvo. The x3 handles excellent and I like the entrire feel of the car. As far as price, it is very fair. There are some nonkeys that would spend $ 27.000 for a V6 Rav4, I rather spend a little more and get the Bimmer!

  8. There are some nonkeys that would spend $ 27.000 for a V6 Rav4, I rather spend a little more and get the Bimmer!

    Why? And for what?

    No, seriously.

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