land Rover Freelander 2/LR2

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There it is.
With a new 3.2 Liter engine and 233 hp.

I am sure it is a much better car/truck. But it doesn’t really look spectacular….

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  1. After all this time they spent working on it and all the futuristic spy shots and designs that were leaked, they kinda didn’t come up with anything different from the last model.

    The interior here does look pretty well designed though.

  2. it is a compact suv from land rover, how spectacular is it suppose to look were you expecting a lamborghini roadster or something…lol

  3. The 2 year old LR3 looks futuristic next to this.
    I was just expecting something better than a 2 year old design…
    Not a Lamborghini.

  4. I agree … it is a nice design but far from fab. It will be interesting to see the competition between the Acura RDX / BMX X3 / Mercedes MLK. I feel those are the most direct competitors in the US. Face it, no one in the US purchases a Land Rover for ‘mountain climbing’!

  5. Not sure about the borrowed cheese grater/rasp grill, but it looks decent enough. Just not a vehicle I’d want to own.

  6. nothing from land rover looks futuristic especially an lr3 or any suv for that matter except the cx7 or maybe the fx, it fits the segment fine the x3, and rdx are not wildly stlyed, and the rdx would have made a nice crv not a luxury suv. but hey some people always need something to complain about….lol…besides its not a toyota

  7. the last freelander was quite possibly the worst SUV i have ever driven, cheap interior, weak looking exterior, and horrible reliability (as all british cars)this one looks a bit flashier with its paint and jap-tuner style lights, but still a weak and bland exterior and an interior that looks like its out of a $5000 economy car with way more buttons than necessary. looks like another crappy car that followers will buy because its european.

  8. And yet, the usually pretty scathing and critical British magazines still gave the horrible Freelander average scores. Probably because of patriotism. Old Freelander was rubbish, even more so next to the superb RR, RR Sport and LR3.

    This LR2 just doesn’t look different enough. But the interior is much better.

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