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This is pretty much the car that should be available in the US in May/June 2008.
It will be produced in Oklahoma at the rate of 12000 to 16000 a year. With 60% of the production going to the US.

But, and that’s a big one. There is no distribution deal yet.
So who really knows…
This is a coupe version of the MG TF convertible that has been on sale in Europe since 1995(!)
So if it is new to us, it isn’t really “new”.
By the time the car is produced, it will be a version of a 13 year old design.

Good luck with that…

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  1. AutoWeek magazine(next weeks, July 17th issue)….has something on this car, too.

    What is up with that “Cobalt” grille?

    Looks like a Tiburon, sort of, but not as nice.

    Who knows? Maybe if they sell them loaded for 15K, and offer 10/100K warranty, they might sell a lot of this 13 year old design?

  2. Why do we need an MG Cobalt? lol!
    Hey, if it’s a 13 year old design, are they gonna price it as if it were a 13 year old design?

    I might consider a new, 13 year old design for say 12K loaded!

    I had high hopes for this when the new broke, but now?

    It ha dbetter come with 60,000 miles of free tune ups and oil changes, tire rotations, and 100,000 mile warranty, if they charge over 15K!

  3. I like it! I think it looks very sharp and there is a huge market for it if it’s priced right.

    Kinda hard to say how much without knowing what kind of powertrain will be offered but if it’s just a low horsepower 4 cylinder, I think prices should be in the low teens. But if it is going to be high horsepower (turbo 4, V6), high teens will be acceptable.

  4. Thats good! As Big 3 and Korean cars are getting better and better, we are running out of bad cars to laugh.

  5. What a weak design, this will not sell, guaranteed. I can design much better cars than this, and I haven’t taken design classes. Vince will you post some of my drawings? You can send it to them and give them a chance to compete.

  6. This was a great car, when it was launched as the MGF by The Austin Rover Group in the early 1990s; it marked the return of the MG brand, but ultimately the twists and turns of it’s parent company did it no favours. Even when relaunched as the TF by the newly formed MG Rover it remained a pretty good car. In my opinion it was a better car than the old MX5. It certainly outsold it in the UK! It’s a great shame this car will be produced out of it’s time, because it will just be critisized; desite being a great product for the time it was created.

  7. The niche for this car is wide open if you ask me, right where the second generation of mr2 closed coupe left off ! if they price it right and not have a union factory in okie homa it may work ! and who said this was a 13 year old design ? no one ! just the facts of a coupe exisiting for 13 years does not mean this design or engineering is 13 years old !

  8. Simple question that I think the media haven’t asked clearly: is the existing MG engine Federalized? I have a feeling it isn’t.

  9. No one seemed to mind that the Ford Mustang went like 20 years between complete redesigns.

    Everyone is hoping that the Chinese car is going to be cheap. But how can it be cheap if it is going to be build in America by American labor? Duh!

  10. The Oklahoma and Longbridge plants will be assembling the car from Nanjing-made kits, I believe, which will reduce the costs.
       And Anonymous, you are right: there are cars out there with longer lives—the traditional, big Fords being one. The key is more the novelty in the market in which it is intended. For instance, the Honda Fit sold in the States is many seasons old in most countries, but new to the US. Of course, we are talking about a Honda that was launched this century, so it is a slightly different story.
       And MGs, at least in the US, were always a bit behind the times anyway.

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