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The next Pope mobile?

This is obviously a test mule for something, but what????
Why something so high be based on the MR2????

Anyone has any idea?

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  1. That was supposed to be the 2007 Corolla…no wonder they sent it back when they saw the ’06 Civic!!!!

  2. how do you know its a toyota concept? maybe its just a crazy british guy driving an old mr2, which he poorly modified

  3. This dude is either a giant or his seat is about 2 foot higher than normal mr2’s , i somehow think the seat position is the clue or missing link here hence the roll cage…… midengine suv anyone ?

  4. Hey, that’s the newest Monster from Monster Garage show
    jesse james has alot more class then to let anything like that appear in public !

  5. The Toyota company organizes a competition between its engineers. They have to build the most imaginative car. Maybe it’s a test mule for some team’s project.

    It depends where it has been seen I guess…

  6. G6 GT’s explanation is the most plausible, but I do have to wonder if it is some mule for a mid-engined SUV.

  7. ” wonder if it’s a test mule for the Solara replacement…”

    Not likely, since Toyota has announced they will stop building the Solara, replacing it with another crossover vehicle. BTW, Honda may do the same with the Accord coupe.

  8. nice photoshop “vince burlap”
    you are a fucking joke im sure you won’t have the guts to post this

  9. Not really sure what it could be, really strange looking, but my guest would be testing a windshield and possibly some interior parts for some sort of SUV or crossover.

    It appears Toyota is getting more creative in terms of their test mules.

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