New Holden Statesman

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Just a longer, more luxurious version of the new Commodore. Sold in some markets as the Caprice.

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  1. Chevrolet Caprice in the Middle East—and it could do well as the Chevy Caprice where you are. Don’t forget this will also be the Daewoo Statesman in Korea and Buick Royaum in Red China, where, I believe, it will go in CKD form.

  2. Restrained and elegant design even if a tad bit bland. Slap on a Buick grill and replace the fender openings with some portholes, and it would make a nice Park Avenue successor in the States.

  3. This car just isn’t elegant. Yes, current Buicks aren’t as good as they could be, and this vehicle does look like it is good quality and a solid performer, but it wouldn’t shine in the Buick portfolio because Buick’s current success is formulated to be based on the car’s difference from everything else in the segments it competes in. A Buick is a different kind of choice than a Lexus, or a high-end Honda. These cars are relatively anonymous. Sales would flop unless they restyled the interior to be more American, and the exterior to be more American.

  4. I think this is one car that ought to stay overseas. GM doesn’t need another old persons’ car that looks just like the Impala or Lucerne. Buick and Cadillac are in bad need of younger customers if GM wants to stay afloat in the future.

  5. Wow, it actually looks like a Park Avenue! Makes one wonder if that had been the plan all along (?). I’d prefer the “Invicta” or “Electra” names myself, however.

  6. The Holden Statesman is not known as the Chevrolet Caprice anywhere…the Holden Caprice is known as the Chevrolet Caprice elsewhere!

  7. Buick’s current success

    News to me. Tell us more about this “success.” I mean in real terms and statistics, not just a blip in calendar-year sales figures.


  8. Anonymous no. 6, if you check out the base Caprices in the Middle East, the spec is actually closer to the Holden Statesman than the Holden Caprice. Besides, why quibble? They are basically the same car with different equipment levels and trim! It’s like arguing over Falcon and Fairmont!
       Anonymous no. 2, this car was considered as the Park Avenue but the plan was shot down by Buick (and, I imagine, UAW).

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