2007 Acura MDX

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Here it is, the all new MDX.
An almost complete copy of the concept we saw earlier, including the weird, almost disturbing grille.

I didn’t like the concept. But I kind of like this. Maybe I just got used to it. But I like the fact they are trying something different. And the interior looks as luxurious as the RL. And quite futuristic.

They claim it will be sportier, with a new 3.7 Liter V6 good for 300hp!
That’s what you usually get from a good V8.

But I guess most people in this market will still prefer the Lexus RX. Most don’t really want the “sporty” ride and maybe the road noise that comes with it.
I think the Lexus will still sell better in the US.

I am actually driving one right now and will write up a review ASAP…

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  1. it looks good – not as odd as the concept! the interior is a def. improvement over the RL like you said, vince. but i’d want a blacked out grille. that shiny silver mesh doesn’t match the car!

  2. I am kinda like the look…but I need to see the real thing first….I think it look better than RX in the pic, though. I just hope they will have a wider wheel like BMW has for its X5

  3. i’m more excited about the next RX. i like the current generation except that it doesn’t have enough starch in its collar and the twosilver blocks for vents on the dash. if it moves in the l-finesse design, i think it’ll be quite the handsome crossover (based on the illustrations on insideline).

  4. I like it alot! And definitely over the Lexus thing…but I won’t get into that. The interior reminds me of the Subaru B9-Tribeca…like a cockpit or whatever they said to describe it. Very nice indeed.

  5. Honda/Acura has been for people who aren’t dead inside and like their cars to be a little more than just appliances (I’m looking at you Toyota/Lexus buyers!).

    It looks sharp, for an SUV. The grill, however, looks like they tried to make their design “edgier”, it works, but, its only an alright solution.

  6. Why with the North American line-up that every SUV is taking bits and pieces from the Element/Piolit?
    I am not crazy about the MDX’s exterior but the inside seems more upscale.

  7. whats so exciting about a v6 with 300hp im confused, the is has that, the g35 has that, the list goes on, not exciting, and is it only me that thinks those “huge” pieces of cheap fake wood spanning the dash look gaudy and cheap, dont get me wrong the desighn is cool kinda a mix of rl and b9 tribeca but the large expanses of wood grain and in an acura it is obviously fake wood there wood grains always look cheap obviously fake, i mean is it just me i remember reading on this site how the sts had to much wood, didnt agree with that, but comeon this is crazy and the sts has real wood, this thing looks more like a competitor the new mazda cx7 than a car to go head to head with the rx, fx, srx, x5, ml, and so on….but hey it looks better than the last one…but again nice desighn overall

  8. correction no acura period uses real wood anywhere thats why they have those “downmarket” wood grain applique and add on accesories, and by the way real wood doesnt contort to those shapes…

  9. I picked my HOT 2007 MDX this afternoon. With the Sport package, it will blow away all those lame Cayennes, X5s and Lexus. It has the muscle and the comfort to make those nothing more than wannabes. The Dolby sound, the Navigation system and the Voice command are incredible.

  10. I picked up my 07 MDX this afternoon. With the Sport package it will leave all of those lame Cayennes, X5’s and Lexus in the dust. The throaty 300 hp engine pulls away in the straights, and the suspension leaves them rolling away in the turns. The Dolby 5.1 stereo, the Navigation system and the Voice Command are amazing. The Nav even has live traffic, so you can plot your way around. Jealousy is sooo ugly.

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