2007 Land Rover Defender

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Doesn’t look like much changes but this car doesn’t need any .
This is an Icon, a dinosaur almost.
And it should stay the way it is for ever.

Land Rover did a great job with the update. The new front doesn’t seem out of place and the new interior is perfect for the car.
This thing has been used in safaris all over Africa for decades and it still looks the part.

Unfortunately, I have seen a few over here. Being used to carry a couple of 3 year olds to the mall and their private pre-school in Beverly Hills.
These people will demand leather, wood and memory seats…

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  1. well out of logic im pretty sure if they have bought one, and are driving it around now without leather and wood and all that than it must not be a problem……

  2. this vehicle was never meant to be beautiful, first hatched way back in 1948 it was designed for a purpose.

    You have to admire its sheer simplicty and ruggedness, one of the few remaining vehicles true to itself.

  3. I would love to have one of these, but wish they put airbags in them if they are going the extra mile with leather and wood.

  4. Lol, the dash looks terrible, but its out of the upcoming Freelander (LR2). I really don’t know how people can buy Land Rovers knowing how poorly designed and built they are. This one might be the exception since it doesnt really have much electricals.

  5. I’ve seen about a dozen Defenders, 90s and Series IIa’s in Indianapolis. and they all seem to be driven by folks who know what they were intended for – not a Pretender among them. Unfortunately, we’ll never see this again in the U.S. – there are too many major changes necessary to make it compliant, and it wouldn’t be the same vehicle at all. The best bet is to get one that’s 25 years old and import it, if you can’t find one locally – there are more than enough upgrades available to make a pretty sound runner out of almost any one you find, if the price is right. Heck, you could build your own 2006 out of the catalogs, as long as you have a legal chassis to start with; it won’t be cheap, but it can be done.

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