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The Phaeton failed. For so many reasons…

So instead of going after the S Class VW thinks it can go against the R Class. Which is not a big success in the first place anyway.

Is there an end to the madness over there???
Even the Passat V6 is too expensive for a VW.
And the Touareg was just voted by Robbs report ( from data gathered by various companies) as one of the most unreliable luxury cars you can get.

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  1. This makes me mad. VW going after Mercedes?? I thought that was what Audi was for? VW has lost their way and that among other reasons is why it is a sinking ship. They need to take note from Toyota/Lexus or Honda/Acura.

  2. Nice-looking vehicle from a manufacturer best ignored.
    There are surely better choices from Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, DCX, GM, and on and on.
    VWs suck.

  3. Just give us Skoda and Seat. Americans only want VW because we want affordable European cars, not expensive “people’s mobile”. Noted that too: No SUV + No affordable family car + No minivan + no pick-up = niche car company or bankrupt dealers.

  4. I recently drove a Pheaton V 10 Diesel. It is a great riding car,extremely powerful and smooth -but with the wrong styling, the wrong interior, from the wrong company, with a wrong price tag aimed at the wrong customer. If VW goes on like this it will be VW
    V viel – (lots of )
    W weinen -(crying)

  5. That does look like a photoshopped Mazda CX-7. Then again, a lot of the new Mazda vehicles look like they could be Volkswagens. The Mazda 3, for instance, should have been what the new Jetta looked like.

  6. one dont know about this picture, no where have i heard about this car, and i seriously doubt that the toureg is the least reliable luxury car not that vw’s are reliable but that just doesnt sound accurate to many other problematic cars out there and if the vw why not the porsche….

  7. No, no, no. People put way too much emphasis on brands here in America. Nobody bitches at Citroen for building both the C6 (a 5-series class vehicle) and also the C1 minicar.

    The Phaeton is an amazing car, no matter what the label on the hood, but most people won’t get past the make and never seriously look at it.

  8. Sorry, I got the source wrong.

    It is from a “Forbes” report based on Consumer reports.

    Most unreliable luxury cars for 2006:
    -Land Rover LR3
    -Land Rover Range Rover
    -Lincoln Navigator
    -Saab 9-3
    -Volkswagen Touareg

  9. Dang, Vince! Ford just keeps taking the punches lately. I was raised to always purchase Ford products, and to this day that’s all I own (well, the Mazda3 is kinda Ford) but 3 out of the 5 were FoMoCo! Dang!

    VW seems like it’s just trying to prove it can build a better ANYTHING…but it’s a typical ‘short guy complex’. They are trying so hard to be everything to everyone that they aren’t doing anything well anymore.

    And I dunno about everyone else, but the ‘photoshop’ comments are getting annoying! Not EVERYTHING has to be photoshop, and even if it is…there is no prize in being the first person to realize it. We’re not all dumb.

  10. people say that if the Corvette Z06 can compete with Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins, but VWs can’t transcend? Double standard from crappy GM fanboys.

  11. most unreliable “luxury” car? The funny thing about VW is that the brand is as mainstreams as it gets yet it’s always pretending to be more than that.

  12. Clearly the big guys in VW have no clue what the real world thinks about their cars; there is a complete disconnect between owners and the company, probably trackable to either dealers or middle managment (or both!). To be fair, the situation is probably completely diferent in Europe, where people still seem to think that VW doesn’t mean “crap”

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