Nissan Qashqai Interior

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Just like the new Altima, the Qashqai interior isn’t breaking any grounds, but it does have a quality feel to it. At least on pictures.
It seems to be what Nissan is concentrating on right now. Better quality.

At least, it won’t offend anyone….

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  1. I think it looks quite a bit cheaper than the Rav4, both on the inside and out. Recent Nissans have had really original designs (Murano, 350Z etc.) but this car seems like the end of that era, and Nissans return to blandness.

  2. Sorry Vince and the blogger above me, but I think the inside is rather sporty. I just hope this will be made in Japan and offer AWD, traction control, Stability control,
    4 channel ABS and Xeons if were lucky.
    Also it would be wise to sell it anywhere from $16-19k
    if Nissan doesn’t want to steal sales from the X-Terra.
    By the way, the Navi looks very cool and JDM.

  3. Wow, I like it! That looks right in line with other new Nissan interiors. Much better then the current Murano’s interior too. (that’s the one thing I never liked about it). With a few minor changes and a name change, this thing should sell like ice cream on a hot summer day. Keep up the good vork Vince, if you have any more shots, please post em ASAP. I’m anxious to see more, as I’m in the market for a small cross-over and have been holding off to see what Nissan’s entry would be.

  4. I agree, I would like to see more photos of this.
    I would want to see this along with the Suzuki Sx4
    and Jeep Patriot and test drive them all.
    This seems like a very interesting class of mini/subcompact/suv type of cars. Mitsubishi should also sell there little Montero Pini 2 door and Americans will have more fun once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I dunno, I like the red seats. Everybody will say “but that’s just a cheap way of making it look sportier”. GOOD. The best of both worlds!

    Although they look even more fun and exiting in the Smart Fortwo.

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