2007 Alfa Romeo Competizione

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This is supposed to be the production version.
But I can’t see any cuts for the bumpers?!??

The production model will come with a 4.7 Liter V8 with 450hp from Maserati.
Being an Alfa, it should be quite a bit cheaper, even if production is limited.
There is still hope a few might end up in the US, as a top of the line model when Alfa Romeo finally decides to bring some cars over here…

I know it’s not a “regular car”. But hey, it’s good looking…

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  1. ive heard that this will be a $200,000 car in everything i have read on it which makes no sense, but again that is what i have read.

  2. Put a picture of this car next to a Pontiac Solstice and you will see another product of the GM-FIAT temporary marriage.

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