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This illustration from Auto Express matches all the spy shots I have seen of the car.
And it looks pretty real to me.
So I am not even sure if it is an illustration or not…
It almost doesn’t matter. The final car will look like this anyway.

And it should be fun. More room in the back, and a big trunk.
What’s not to love?

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  1. Vince:
    Hey, do you have any idea of size of this thing(L/W/H?).

    I really like this, but if it is VW Rabbit sized,or smaller, I’ll still have to pass. Too many people still driving 8 ton(trucks/SUV’s) vehicles here. Need some
    “crunch-room”(in case I get hit).

    I miss the 80’s and early 90’s, not due to “quality” of cars, but the fact the largest vehicles on the road were usually minivans, or something akin to the size of the Chevy S-10, not HUMMERS,, or Escalades, Excursion, ETC…
    Usually, if we saw something this big(as the vehilces mentioned above) they were usually painted yellow, and carried kids to school.

    Back then, driving a car not much larger than the Mini was fairly safe, as in the fact that most other vehicles were not 12 tons heavier, or 4 feet taller, than the vehicle you were driving.

    Mini’s are supposed to be pretty safe, though.

    Anyhow, any info on this thing?( on, they said it will be called the Clubman, due to too many technicalities to get the name Traveller, too costly to get it,etc).

  2. I am not sure, but I’d say it might me a little less than a foot longer than the regular Mini.
    yes the Mini is supposed to be safe.
    But a friend of mine has one. And he’s very frustrated with lots of little reliability issues with the car.
    I guess that’s the fate of most German engeneered cars these days…

  3. I’ll tell you what’s not to love… the split in the rear window from having dual doors… it’ll be like driving a late 80’s Astro van with your rearview mirror planted firmly at the door frames.

    Speaking of Astro vans… they even decided it was a hazard and came out with the “dutch door” design with a lift up glass hatch.

    This is the only thing wrong with this Mini, but its a big one.

  4. This is an oxymoron. Why people want to buy a “big” mini? What is wrong with an used BMW 3-series? or an excellent VW GTi, if you want good FWD performance car with reasonable luggage space?

  5. It’s still not “big”.
    And none of these cars have the personality of a Mini.
    Most Mini owners would never consider a GTI or a regular sedan like the BMW.

  6. Slick little car full of charm and personality. My concern is longer length equals slower performance and poorer gas mileage (which wasn’t terrific given its size). It’s safe to guess that BMW will have to bump up the engine to handle the extra mass, again meaning poorer economy. I hope BMW has been tinkering with some quality issues, too. This thing is too expensive to not be more reliable.

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