Skoda Joyster Concept

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  1. Well, so did the Smart Roadster and Coupe, they looked like Nike trainers, but were lovely little cars. This is edgy, poised, well balanced. Love it. Skoda will forever be like grunge in the automotive industry; the anti-fashion statement. That’s where its appeal is.

  2. nevermind the other stuff why doesnt vw use the cars from its seat and skoda lines in the us, the iroc concept looks like a seat, and minus a couple of the skodas are much more interesting cars than the vw’s they are based on…especially seat…anyone else agree

  3. i’ve had people comment on the murano looking like a shoe… i think it’s because of the upswept rear side window. looks pretty cool

  4. I loved the idea of the Roomster, now in production. Any loving parent should want a car the little ones in the back seat can see out of. I don’t have any little kids, but I think Skoda has the funky ideas that Americans crave.

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