Volvo C30

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  1. That’s the nicest Ford Focus ever! Seriously, Volvo needs this car WHY? To compete with Mini? This one has “ugly, overpriced sales disaster” written ALL over it.

  2. That side view looks much sexier than the rear view. I recently looked at Volvo’s history and was surprised to find that they made some fairly sexy cars back in the day. What happened?

  3. Love the look. Been driving an S40 T5 last couple of years. Absolutely trouble free car but would trade down in size for this C30.

  4. Well, Volvo’s Ford roots are showing. This car is simply too toned-down from the concepts and anything exciting about the design is gone. I hope this is the bare bones base version… and not a version offered stateside.

  5. I have a year-old S40 T5 w/AWD and love it! This car will fly off the lots. However, the concept was sure more interesting than this.

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