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Chevy offers a panel Van version of the cool HHR.
There are still rear doors but they are now activated by a “switch on the dash”.
No rear seat.
Instead, just the same front seats, a huge flat area behind where you can put a mattress.
With “hidden cargo spaces” underneath.
And of course, rear visibility from Hell.

But it could be fun. And there is plenty of room on the sides for airbrushing!

Not sure if the cool looking 2 tone paint job is actually a factory option or not. same with the new wheels.

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  1. I really hope this is priced cheaper (alot) than the regular HHR model, cause you get less, and those 6 cubic foot rear storage bins, lockable on uplevel models, seem like they should be alot deeper and bigger seeing this takes up the area that the rear seat occupied… if i bought one for bussiness, first thing id do is rip out all the cheap plastic in the back (floor and doors) and build a floor outta wood and take advantage of every inch of space !

  2. I wish they had published the dimenions of the back opening. I would love to have one for travel, work and camping, just me and my dog named blue painting the countryside. This is the perfect mover for an artist or photographer traveling and working, while trying to save on motel cost. I’ll give this one two thumbs up, and hey it’s pret-ti snazzy looking also.

  3. I think Chevy is on to something with this. With gas prices still high, the smaller company can have a fuel efficient “van” they can paint or stick their logo on for delivery reasons, IE: Flower shop,bakery ect and be able to buy and operate it cheaper than a typical van. Plus it looks cool too so the tuner crowd can customize to their hearts content! Great job Chevy!

  4. Wait a second…if you will use this for living, where is the shower and/or toilet? Don’t tell me you will use one of those large bins for fecal matter? In that case you better fill it with kitty litter : )

  5. No mattress required, Vince, just a Therm-a-Rest sleeping pad or equivalent. Think “ultralite car camping.”

    Of course the base model Dodge Caravan with 4 cylinder often goes on sale for $14k or so, and if you put the 3-seat bench in the middle and ditch the 2 seat bench, you have almost as much room in back plus room for 5 people…..

    Choices, choices.

    But the HHR looks undeniably cool and I think the General is on a roll.

  6. The HHR panel version is the perfect delivery vehicle for small business, especially in urban areas. A great alternative to big, full-size vans that may be too much vehicle for some.

  7. The HHR is decidedly not cool. Painfully retro, yes, but not cool. They might as well have named it the HHRAARP.

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